👋Welcome to Swollet

World's first Gameversity


Swollet is a platform that enables anyone to play and learn about financial literacy & web3.

We curate unique, seamless, interactive experiences that enable anyone—regardless of skill—to explore the magic of gamified education. Our educational content is created by top academic institutions.

The permissionless nature of web3 means that participation is happening on a scale that we’ve never seen before, and it’s easy to get lost amongst the debris.

So our goals are simple:

  • Become the world's first gamified platform for financial & web3 learning, discovery, and contribution.

  • Enable communities to acquire and retain users via a social, gamified, and highly retentive experience.

  • Help people find their tribe in web3 by ensuring that discovery never ends.

With Swollet as your guide, you’ll never get lost—and you’ll be sure to experience the magic of entering the web3 along the way.

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