🎯What's our mission?

Free gamified education

Our vision is to create free gamified education

We challenge ourselves to alter mindset of how we perceive the world and the problems we aim to solve.

Innovation has transformed data intake from generation to generation. Radio to TV, TV to internet, internet to gaming, gaming to metaverse. We always question why past generations think their generation is better than the next while we clearly don't live theirs.

It's hard to say that screen time is bad, when we're constantly working on our laptops. So is it the iPad we blame or is it the content we consume?

I think as adults, we often jump to conclusions and assume the worst. The problem is us - not kids! They clearly love it when you judge them like that; what exactly are our plans on handling this issue?

Screen time is primarily entertainment or valuable. Rarely both. How do we gamify screen time to be both entertaining and valuable?

The world has focused on learning for generations, yet education seems to be stuck in a rut. Why is this happening? Some say that economies are won or lost by the growth of our knowledge base- if it's true then why haven't we seen more investment into educational systems around the globe over time ?

Swollet's vision is to create free gamified education.

Imagine if we leveraged League of Legends, Sandbox or Roblox players into learners to learn more about what is and what isn't taught at school.

Gen Z and Gen Alpha will dominate the next workforce. Together, we can learn alongside them.

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